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Anonymous asked: So I know youre not into girls...but what about cuddling with girls...ya know, just for the sake of cuddling?? BTW I think your boobs are perfect! :-)

I really don’t like to be touched unless it is on my own terms - But yeah, I totally cuddle with female friends and male friends that I enjoy…. It just has to be my own decision and on my own terms … Cuddling with my closest girlfriends is always a rare and lovely thing…

Anonymous asked: I don't read every blog but did resolve the "Win a date with London" issue?

It is resolved - But that entire situation left me a bit jaded towards throwing another Charity Date Auction - Just cannot handle the idea that a payment that large could be reversed two months later….. Scares me a bit. Won’t be holding a second Auction …. 

Anonymous asked: Fashion magazine Vogue has published an article published last week discussing the rise of the big booty, The article gave examples including Jennifer Lopez, Rose McGowan and Kim Kardashian to demonstrate the popularity of big behinds. I would say without hesitation that London Andrews' natural butt is more attractive than those mentioned. I will go further and claim that you contributed to the popularity of rounded figured women, having said that I still believe your boobs are your best assets

I am a bit LESS fit than the models that you mentioned - But yes! I am SO excited that the booty revolution is happening ….! The world needs more BOOTY! Bring IT!

dogeagle7 asked: Do you have a favorite tv show and why? Same question for a book and movie?

Currently *addicted* to Doctor WHO - I mean, obsessed. In love. Head over heels. I want to be the Doctor’s Companion …. I am not sure how I feel about the new Doctor …. I miss Matt Smith and David Tennant a bunch…..

Favorite Book: The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver

Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge (I could watch it and sing it and act it out for hours … Only watch it once a year, but I love every minute of it … ha) 

My dog is a total GOOF… #Momdog #catawhat #catahoula Photo by @alongphoto

My dog is a total GOOF… #Momdog #catawhat #catahoula Photo by @alongphoto

jcool123 asked: Walking dead is coming up how ready are you ?

I’m almost a Zombie myself … I am just DYING for it to come back on! I love watching it on the projector …. I miss it! October cannot come soon enough!

sheertara138 asked: The people who hassle you about accepting gifts for your entertaining content are the same people who applaud the GOP voting down wage equality. "Dicks", they're also called.

One thing to be against supporting one of your favorite artists or being against paying for content or being *unable* to  … Totally understand all of those things - That is why this blog exists …. I want to continue to interact with everyone on ALL levels….. I want to post new content for everyone to enjoy - Don’t want ANYthing to change on here. I love this blog ……

People that COMPLAIN about content bother me - “I’ve been a fan for years and I don’t have $1 to donate to keep your blog going … Give me free access to everything..” - THAT bothers me. If I want to give away a bit of extra content to people who are willing to keep me here online …. *everyone on here should rejoice*….. Look. I am HERE….. 

I could have started a Membership Site Only and closed the blog - I could have started charging people for a Password Protected blog - I could have just gotten a 40-hour and been so drained at the end of the day … I would have stopped taking photos for you to enjoy ….

Instead - Everything stays the same - And a few lucky people who sign up to pay $1 … Will get access to some new and exciting things. I don’t see the problem with it. I think it is a fantastic idea.

thebeardmancan asked: I just have to ask. Posing in Marshall's parking lot in broad day light. How did that come about?

Quick. 20 seconds. We drove around town and I jumped out the car naked for 10 photos - *click click click drive* ….. I posed in over 40 locations that day. Although, that photo was the most ballsy of the bunch. Marshalls was next to Walmart and the place was crawling with muggles …. it was incredibly awkward ….