London Andrews

....Musings and bewbs....

brochova asked: What are you reading now?

I have been so busy over the last few days - I haven’t started anything new. But I finished, “Misty of Chincoteague” on Friday … Just a quick read. A children’s book. Took me two hours to read. Ha.

mymoose76213 asked: Do you have any hidden talents they people really don't know about? And i have to know what is your favorite color?

Hidden talents? I can usually take an idea that is not-solid… And I can turn that idea into a Solid-Idea… I make things *happen* … That is kind of person that I am.

My favorite color is Warm-Yellowish-Green…. The color that shines through the trees on a sunny day…

loudsilence75 asked: What are your religious beliefs? Have any?

I believe in something incredibly larger and more important than us… But it is not a God or Person or a Religion or anything like that. I just believe in a Universal energy source and that everything that lives or dies… comes and goes back to that energy source… For example, when you die… The magic that makes you You (the power that fuels all life)… will be recycled back into the entire universe, not Earth, but every inch of the expansive universe… We are such a small, insignificant amount of energy when you think about it…

My Mom was very religious when I was younger. I think she was Catholic? She enrolled my brother and I in Religion classes until we made Communion - She used to go to church every Sunday. But once my father died…. she sort of gave up on the idea of God. She stopped attending church…

dontheold asked: The ladies are saying "put grubs on the table we want to eat fancy"

Ha. I forgot to feed them this morning… They were SO angry. They stormed the backdoor and walked right into the kitchen!

The chickens are trying to tell me something… can you guess? #backyardchickens #southwedge #rochesterny

The chickens are trying to tell me something… can you guess? #backyardchickens #southwedge #rochesterny

#Momdog wishes we were still camping… #dogproblems

#Momdog wishes we were still camping… #dogproblems

Anonymous asked: RE: nutritional yeast. What is it. How do you use it. What doers it do. I have never heard of this. Everything else sounds great.

We add it to almost everything…. But it tastes sort of “cheesy” ….? (Like Parmesan cheese….) - Vegetarians and Vegans use it a lot in cooking because it is complete protein … It is also really high in B-Complex Vitamins …. 

It just adds a lot to anything you are eating… I put it on Pizza, pasta, omelets, salads, all kinds of things…

dontheold asked: How do you like your eggs? I bet you are an omelet girl. What sort of veggies & cheese?

I DO love omelets (I am the best omelet maker in the household.. even better than John!) - I use goat cheese, nutritional yeast, kale, mushrooms, garlic powder, salt and cracked pepper….. SO good! - I also love simple Egg Sandwiches … With hummus and baby spinach….

Maybe I will make eggs for dinner. I didn’t have any all weekend… An omelet sounds amazing…