London Andrews

....Musings and bewbs....

esalap asked: Wow every picture of you standing on you tippy toes just drives me wild. Once again you are gorgeous. Thank You for sharing

The photographer made a point to get a shot of me on my tip toes because he TOO thinks that is SUCH a sexy pose… :  )

foxylocks81 asked: Those blue high heels are amazing!! What size shoe do u west and where did you get the shoes at??

I am a size 9 and you can find those shoes on Amazon. I think they are by Naughty Monkey (I love ALL of their awesome sexy heels…!)

Anonymous asked: just wanted to let you know you are by FAR the most beautiful model of any size or shape I have ever seen! My wife and I are addicted to this site and love the pics! keep doing what you are doing you are an amazing lady! That is all !:)

Thank you so much! :  )

purpleluv76 asked: Your make up always looks great in your photos. Do you do your own make up or have a make up artist for photo shoots?? And do you prefer a lot of make up or less make up for shoots??

I do my own makeup 80% of the time. I have gotten really great at makeup over the years. I will admit, though, after nine years of modeling? I still really suck at doing my own hair… 

mymoose76213 asked: I think i know the answer but what are your thoughts on cosmetic surgery? And would you ever do it

I am totally FOR it if the cosmetic surgery is going to *truly* make someone feel better about themselves (I am ALL for whatever it takes to feel confident and happy…..). BUT with that said, other than my teeth? - I would never, personally, get cosmetic surgery…. I have no problem with getting older or watching my body change…

Anonymous asked: For the love of god can we get some new pics please Jess??? You've been recycling old pics for a while now, please, please please can we have some fresh work. Even if it is just stuff you take yourself at home. Please reward us loyal followers, thanks.

Huh? I HAVE been posting new work ALL month - Have you not been following my feed? While I was in DC … I posted a ton!