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Anonymous asked: Can you post the 20 new photos that you promised to post this week?

I am slowly posting them on a daily basis … But yes, I can post whatever number I am up to right now ….. Hang on.

Anonymous asked: An image on pinterest led me to model mayhem, then led me here. I am very close to you measurement wise and have always felt incredibly insecure in my body- but after seeing your fearless, beautiful, and fierce photography I am considering that discomfort in a new light. How do you stay so confident? Unafraid? I would really like to learn self-love and you seem like you have it in spades. <3

JUST EMBRACE it - You have one single life. One. You can spend your entire life hiding your body and hating on yourself or you can just make the conscious decision to change the way that you think. It is a slow and difficult process but it really does start with you … You have to make a decision to accept yourself and you have to make a decision to seek happiness and not self-hatred … Stop putting yourself down in the mirror. Look for the things that make you smile. Enjoy the way that you look….

Personally, I have always found my *body* pretty fascinating… perhaps not conventionally beautiful. But I have always wanted to prove to society that big girls and curvy girls have a lot to offer. That we are also strong and beautiful and wildly wonderful women…. Beauty comes in SO many different shapes and sizes, it is truly unbelievable. Have you ever just looked around at all the different faces and shapes around you … And just been totally amazed by all the world has to offer. It is truly amazing.

steveanimalkern asked: Morning Beautiful how are you this morning?

Now “afternoon” - It’s been a great day. Working on editing photos in the breezy sunshine of the backyard…. Figuring out what to do with the rest of the day. Fringe Festival is still going on, Family Dinner might happen this evening with a campfire at our place, Iron and Wine is playing tonight and I am on the fence about buying tickets (they are a bit extravagant and I should probably stay home and make a pot of soup …) - It is absolutely beautiful outside today. Warm, breezy, the colors are changing in the trees, the chickens are living in the moment and chasing all the fall bugs around the yard … Sometimes, I am very thankful for certain moments… And this happens to be one of those moments…

Anonymous asked: Just to say, that picture of just your face is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. Perfect in every way.

Thank you - I absolutely love that photo …. Everyone always wants sexy-time photos and naked photos and skin-tight clothing photos - But personally, I think that classy black and whites are the best …. I have a few others that I am posting today… Remember, I have to hit 20 brand new photos before the end of the month! I am working on it!

Variety is the spice of life. Enjoy it! #bodypositive #bodypositivity #loveyourbody #loveyourself #bodypositivityquotes #bodypositivequotes #effyourbeautystandards

Variety is the spice of life. Enjoy it! #bodypositive #bodypositivity #loveyourbody #loveyourself #bodypositivityquotes #bodypositivequotes #effyourbeautystandards

Anonymous asked: Long time follower, first time asking a question though :) is there a deadline/cut off date for making a donation to you for dropbox or twerking video?

Last day is September 30th… Only takes $1.00 to get access to the video. Totally worth it…. You know, even if you just laugh the entire time. I am NOT a booty shaking master… ┬áBut I do have a few decent moves … ha

drepaq asked: Have you ever noticed that every single other tumbler account with nudity on has at least one picture of you?

Really? I doubt that is true (I bet you only follow the curvy lady/booty revolution websites … ha) - But still, it is incredibly flattering, thank you.

"Tonight the wind howled like a wolf on the prairie … And I wanted to hold you. And I wanted to hold you …." - I am not sure why Kathy Dick is not entirely famous. Every single time I see her sing live, I end up crying my face off. She has the most unbelievable voice and her lyrics are so haunting….

That was the best show I have seen all year - I love every single person that plays in the band. The entire room was packed with the most creative and the most individuals in Rochester. So amazing to be a part of such a wonderful space.