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Shooting polaroids on a deserted road in Remington Virginia! #polaroid (at Remington, VA)


Shooting polaroids on a deserted road in Remington Virginia! #polaroid (at Remington, VA)

Anonymous asked: Okay, I know this will sound pervy, but I've wanted to ask your opinion on matters of sex. What kind of penis do you like best? What do you consider small? I'm constantly worried about mine and have gotten disparaging comments in the past. At what age is it weird to be a virgin? And I haven't been on your Tumblr in a while, have you ended your celibacy? Thanks - I appreciate your responses to the questions you get.

I have never understood the obsession with inches and girth and length. I guess, aesthetically speaking, a large cock is fun to look at and play with? But a man that is amazing in bed … is AMAZING in bed…. regardless to his cock size…. I am not sure if Porn created this weird obsession with size? Or … perhaps? Some women just want a giant penis put inside them because the guy doesn’t know what he is doing and they want to feel something “down there”?…… I don’t know… 

I’ve been with ALL kinds of shapes and sizes and colors and lengths and girths … And a Big Penis? Does not Equal AMAZING sex. It fact, it gives you lock jaw while giving blowjobs … it hurts the back of your throat after an hour ….  While having sex, it usually just slams into your cervix and stretches your vag out all weird and your body hurts and you don’t want to have sex again for a week… (and I love to have sex … a lot… all the time … but who wants a bruised cervix? Not my thing)

At what age is it weird to be virgin? I am not sure …. I think that whatever age you feel ready. You feel ready. I think virgins are cute …

therealmarksbackhoe asked: Wow, an old Ford truck? I have a thing for old Ford trucks! ;) I think I'm more in love now. Lol. Do you have a favorite body style/year of the trucks?

I love a lot of the Ford models from 1976-1979 … The Ranger, the F250 … Also love Clint Eastwood’s truck in Grand Torino …. There is just something really sexy about the 1970’s truck models….. Wish they could be converted to eat less gas…


A man once traveled a very long way for a very long time to seek the wisdom of the Buddha. When he finally found the Buddha the man had but one question.

The man said, “I want happiness. How do I find happiness?”

The Buddha smiled and replied, “That is easy. First remove ‘I’ for that is just your ego speaking and nothing more. Second remove ‘want’ for desire will lead to suffering. Then all you are left with is the happiness you set out to find in the first place.”

The Buddhists believe that life is full of suffering. We suffer pain and death, but we also suffer for things we want. Desires that can never be fulfilled cause our souls to fester. Once we embrace and then let go of all that weighs us down we can begin our journey. Whatever that journey may be.

People will tell you that they hope you find what you’re looking for. I hope that someday you can stop looking and instead see the happiness that is already around you.