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WANT! #hotpinkdodge

WANT! #hotpinkdodge

Adorable fan-art by Terra…. #chickenlady #londonandrews

Adorable fan-art by Terra…. #chickenlady #londonandrews

Anonymous asked: Genetics is on your side now, if you lose the war and grow a figure like your aunts will you give up modeling?

I will continue modeling for as long as I feel confident about my looks… I could weigh 150 or I could weigh 350 …. And I will continue to model as long as I feel comfortable and people are still willing to hire me…. Have you ever looked up Tess Munster? She must weigh almost 350 and she is rocking her body …. Making a TON of money off her looks and her outlook on life….

Apr 16th, 2014…. Drinking RoseBud Tea in the Sunshine … Trying to catch up on work-stuff…. It is freezing outside today….. but it all-kinds-of-cozy in the sunshine…

Apr 16th, 2014…. Drinking RoseBud Tea in the Sunshine … Trying to catch up on work-stuff…. It is freezing outside today….. but it all-kinds-of-cozy in the sunshine…

"You’ve got eyes like the Bermuda Triangle… A guy like myself could just get lost in them…." - Ha. Cute pick up like someone just sent me on Facebook.

Anonymous asked: What does your beautiful self usually wear to bed? And what's your favourite lingerie to wear / what do you feel most sexiest wearing?

Absolutely NOTHING…. I love the way the sheets feel on my skin. I don’t like wearing clothes to bed. It feels too constraining …

I only wear Lingerie to work …. hehehe… that sounds funny. 

Anonymous asked: Why don't you upload to clips4sale anymore?

I don’t like filming myself…. I would rather Skype or Chat with someone in real-time and make money that way…. Filming my boobs shaking around or covering myself in Pie…. is really not fun for me.

blamethegods asked: What was sex education like for you when you grew up? I was never given "the talk" and I lived in a rather Conservative area, so most of what I was taught was abstinence only bullshit. It would get confusing sometimes because I was being given mixed messages about sex. I ended up being scared of sex and sexuality for awhile. Did you have a similar experience?

Sex education was the day that TONS of parents would pull their kids out of school… I don’t remember much about it. We talked about sex and condoms and giving birth and having babies….. It was confusing but our teachers never gave us mixed messages. It was basically, “Just wait until you are older and you are ready…” - I remember this one sort-of-mentally challenged girl asking, “What does a Penis feel like?” And everyone laughed at her for asking such a question…The teacher said that it felt like a Thumb. So I went home and masturbated with my Thumb…. Ha.

Being a kid and learning about sexuality ….? Was so difficult and strange and weird…. And just plain awkward….

loudsilence75 asked: Do you like any classic rock music? If so, give us a few band names.

Stuff my Dad used to listen to: Genesis, Journey, Rolling Stones, ACDC, Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Orleans, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, ZZ Top … All kinds of stuff…

Anonymous asked: When you go dumpster diving, do you literally go inside the dumpster? Don't you worry about encountering rats or cockroaches or other less than cuddly creatures? What about the smell? On a completely unrelated note, can either you or one of your faithful readers explain the punchline in today's "Beetle Bailey" for me? I don't get it and it's driving me crazy. It's worse than one of those "New Yorker" cartoons. Thanks.

Oh man - ONCE. I opened a dumpster in Henrietta at a sub-shop (because they throw out TONS of delicious day-old bread ….) - And this HUGE feral cat jumped out at me! - I thought it was a two-foot RAT that wanted to NOM on my FACE… It was horrifying….

In general - Unless I see something AMAZING in the dumpster? No, I do not go into dumpsters (Matthew loves to climb around dumpsters…. Kurt loved it even more than Matthew…) - I wear gloves and I pull out anything that I can reach. I am not scared of cockroaches or rats (although the wasps can be pretty mean in the summertime, snacking on all the bruised fruit)…. I am more terrified of rusty nails and glass containers…..

The smell is …. not…. good….. But you get over it - There is too much good food to save from going to the landfill.

Can’t help you on the cartoon - I googled it… to no avail….. Sorry! 

dahinchy asked: Do u find it creepy that I only follow you? Do u care 2 look at your followers profiles and see what they're into and do with themselves or do they just stalk you? Do u believe they are really interested in your work and your life or they just perv?

Nope! - I don’t think that it is creepy that you follow me at all… I find it flattering. Sometimes, if someone reblogs one of my images and says something about the photo, I will click onto their Tumblr to see what they are all about…. I rarely follow fan-blogs though. I tend to follow a lot of industry people: Models, Magazine, Photographers … so that I know what is happening with my co-workers…. It also allows me to bookmark photographers that I want to work with in the future, via other model’s work….. Not sure what the ratio is of people that care about my work and the blog vs, people who just come here to get-off…. Personally? I don’t care. I just like it when fans are respectful ….

Anonymous asked: Why can't I stop thinking of you when I listen to "Magic", from Coldplay?

Because of you - I have been listening to Coldplay all morning - And I have to say, Thank You - I kind of missed Coldplay. I haven’t kept up on any of their new music in years - I remember when “Yellow” came out years ago… I was in highschool - Matthew and I used to sing it while walking on the Erie Canal at night under the moonlight…. because “everything was yellow”…. It was beautiful.

bigdawgc asked: Have any big burly men ever had a boy band fandom type moment when they saw you in public. I imagine if I saw you out of the corner of my eye all the macho in me would disappear and I would scream like I saw the Backstreet Boys. I would call you dreamie and swoon. I would skip away and scribble your name in my notebook. Has this happened?

I can honestly say … No …. Ha…. But I hope that it happens… :  ) Sounds like a fantastic scene in a film.