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45degreesfromreality asked: If all of your friends are uncomfortable with Freckles, it might be a good idea to be extra cautious. They may well be seeing something that you're blind to.

He isn’t going to turn around and be a womanizer like Kurt was … He is really a great guy. He just doesn’t fit into our group… He is nerdy. He talks too much about technical things, he moves his hands too much, he fidgets, his energy is too chaotic, he twitches nervously… His energy puts everyone off. He tries SO hard to make friends that it scares everyone away - On the flip-side, I have a very slow and soft sort of energy - I am easy to get along with - I am never searching for approval of strangers (which probably comes from my modeling job) yet I love to meeting new people and making new friends - We have totally different kinds of energy. He is like a Jack Russell Terrier and I am more like a Koala Bear, quiet, in a tree, eating leaves and watching the weather change…. 

My closest friends mean the most to me. They are the people that have always filled up my lonely days with love and adventure and good feelings… They are my family… They are my heart …

I want to give him tips on how to socialize properly - I want to tell him to stop twirling his mustache and pinching his face when he is uncomfortable. I want to tell him listen to other speak and not to follow it up with chatter. I want to tell him to stay in one place, sit, and not move for 15 minutes. But then again? Who am I to ask anyone to change? I love him when I am alone with him for him. But I am not blind to what turns people off …. How they cross their arms around him in a subconscious way to protect themselves from his chaos. How they step backwards to give his chaos some breathing room. I see the small details. Always. All the time…. It is how I can write about them.

Anonymous asked: I always wonder if you escort on your modeling trips? Do you?

Just because I get naked for a living … does not mean that I have sex for a living. They are two totally different things. Somehow….. society has somehow taught the world that nudity must always = sex. But it just doesn’t work like that…. The nude modeling doesn’t work like that….

Just like any other job - There is a reputation to uphold on both the model’s side and the photographer’s side of things - A level of professionalism (regardless to what kind of work is being shot) - Mixing business and pleasure is bad business.

But outside of that, though - Do you read this blog? You know that I am absolutely terrified of being touched by strangers, right? I wasn’t always like this - It happened over time and space - 10 years ago? I am sure that I would have made a great escort - Present times? Hell-fucking-NO - Not in a million years - I don’t care if it sounds crazy, I am absolutely terrified when someone taps me on the shoulder or touches my leg while making a point in conversation …. I almost jump out of my own skin … 

I’m a nude model. Nude is the extent of my job.