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fozzybear99 asked: Do you really just see your body as a product? Kinda made me sad to read that. The more I follow you, the more I come here just to see how you are doing, pictures are just the bonus.

If you really break everything down, I really DO market my “Image” …. It isn’t something to feel bad about - But I doubt that I would have 60,000 fans on here for simple blogging reasons alone. The words help to cultivate the way that you look at my body, but most people REALLY do come here to look at tits and ass (which is fine by me) …But yes - My body is a product… That is just how internet modeling works.

redpeel asked: How does someone get on your dating list. Just curious who gets the pleasure of going out with you.

I just choose people at Random and hope for the best … trying not to limit myself. Just enjoying the single life and meeting new faces right now.

420turbo asked: Does London have any big plans for this weekend that she would like to share with her admiring fans?

FRINGE FESTIVAL (you should see if your city is participating in Fringe)- It is a Free Performing Arts festival….. Lots of plays, productions, tonight there is a free steampunk circus downtown …. A big group of us are headed downtown this evening. Should be great fun! I will try to take lots of photos for you guys … :  )

Anonymous asked: Hi London, define "cuddling" in your own language, does it necessarily have to be fully or partially clothed. I don't want to sound rude, but I cannot imagine being close physically to you and fall asleep. Am I being dirty minded or it's natural for me to feel that way?

Cuddling can be clothed or unclothed (…no official clothing rules for cuddling) - Naked ALWAYS cuddling wins, though - If I don’t really trust the guy I am with or if i have no interest in hooking up with him, clothes stay on and we cuddle and sleep… If I DO trust the guy (like my red-headed mouse friend), cuddling and sleeping naked isn’t an issue…  

Of course I understand that some guys cannot handle being in bed with a naked woman…. That is totally normal. But I really really enjoy it when I find someone that I can trust and enjoy … without having to feel threatened by them.

Is it just me? Or do I look like a 10 year old in a snowsuit right now? #nomakeup #snowsuit #terribleselfie

Is it just me? Or do I look like a 10 year old in a snowsuit right now? #nomakeup #snowsuit #terribleselfie

Anonymous asked: This might be a stupid question, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Do you ever get tired of people telling you that they think you're beautiful/hot/sexy, etc?have you heard it so much that it doesn't phase you anymore?

Online? It can be difficult … to feel each word for what it truly means. I am not brushing compliments off on purpose (I WANT to feel every single wonderful word of praise….). But hot/sexy/attractive/cute/ect are adjectives are overused and over-saturated … I can hardly react to them anymore online….

In real life, though - If someone looks at me deeply and I can truly feel their honestly….Those same exact words can blow me away. So I suppose, it is all based on circumstance….

"I bet you get hit on ALL the time!" - Um. No.

Anonymous asked: You really don't get hit on in real life? Come on.

I really don’t …. IN FACT - Have you ever watched Tess Munster’s video about being “hit on”? - I recommend it. Here. I will post it.

Anonymous asked: what does it mean when it asks how much you want to donate "per nakedness" on your patron site? sorry if you have heard this question a hundred times already :)

Try to follow this … because it is weird …

Basically you set whatever amount you are comfortable paying a month ($1.00-$5.00-$10.00) - Anyone that donates $1.00 a month or more will get access to my weekly chat-session - Everyone that donates $1.00 or more gets access to the monthly video that I will post (this month is a Twerking video) - Everyone that donates $1.00 or more, gets access to a brand new Dropbox folder ….. Everyone that donates $50.00 flat for the month (which can be readjusted next month), gets access to a brand new erotica folder…..

All perks will be handed out on October 1st when Patreon processes payments ….

Anonymous asked: Two separate yet not entirely unrelated questions: A) With your sizable following of fans, you are something of a celebrity -- if not Kim Kardashian famous, then at least Internet famous. Is that weird on some level? You are an ordinary person -- but have tons of fans? B) Even though we can't get enough of your photos, do you ever get tired of looking at yourself? Do you even see yourself in the photos you post -- or does it seem like some other person?

"internet famous" is such a silly term. In real life? No one knows who I am - I live pretty much the same kind of life that all of you live (except with more cats … ha)… I am just a simple and ordinary girl … I suppose it is weird because online everyone makes a big deal that I am who I am, but offline, everyone could care less … You know how people always go, "Wow, you must get hit on ALL the time …. You must have guys trying to hook up with you ALL the time…" But my world isn’t like that AT ALL….

Do I get tired of looking at myself - Hahaha… you should hear me complain to Matthew, “I swear to god, if I have to look at ONE more stupid photo of myself, I am going to smash my computer…” - I know and understand that being online and naked is my job … But HELL YEAH. I absolutely get tired of looking at myself … My body is my “product” that I sell online. I see it constantly. I look at my naked body in a way that most people never have to … 

And after Bella, came Betty…

And after Bella, came Betty…

Momdog was REALLY tolerant of Bella more than most other dogs…

Momdog was REALLY tolerant of Bella more than most other dogs…

Domo came from a high kill shelter in NYC …. He found a home here in Rochester NY

Domo came from a high kill shelter in NYC …. He found a home here in Rochester NY

Anonymous asked: Have you ever fostered dogs?

I have … But I haven’t fostered that many …. For reasons that I stated last week. I failed with one of my fosters…. But I can post some photos!

Aww… Rudy before he was adopted! He was such a gorgeous kitten…

Aww… Rudy before he was adopted! He was such a gorgeous kitten…