London Andrews

....Musings and bewbs....

shreddedbrah23 asked: Wow you're gorgeous! 😁😁😁😍

Thank you much!

jcool123 asked: 12 days till WALKING DEAD are you ready ????

OMGGGGG! *freak out*

Rochester. You are beautiful today. #effyourbeautystandards #rochesterny #southwedge #plusmodel #plussize #curvygirl

Rochester. You are beautiful today. #effyourbeautystandards #rochesterny #southwedge #plusmodel #plussize #curvygirl

chrisaudibyrd asked: Is there any possibility for you to do a meet N greet?

Meet and greets are weird for me - But yes, when I visit larger cities … I occasionally set up Meet and Greets for everyone….. I won’t be doing one in Boston, if that is what you are asking. My trip is pretty jam packed this time around…

Anonymous asked: Hi London I been following along for some time and love how open you are and your so beautiful. I would like to know more about where you grew up as a kid and what did you like to do growing up in the summer.

I grew up in one of the suburbs of Syracuse NY - I suppose that you could say that my life hasn’t changed all that much - As a kid, I spent my summers swimming outdoors, camping with my family, hiking, catching bugs and letting them go, lots of stories around the campfire, climbing trees, playing with squirt guns and riding bikes everywhere. I had a multitude of cousins around in my younger years and spent most of my childhood growing up with them. My mom was FULL of adventure when I was a child. She would scoop my brother and I up and take us ALL over the place …. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, animal sanctuaries, food festivals, the zoo, the beach, long drives through the countryside….

For the most part, I was very fortunate. I had an amazing childhood…. 

ylareum asked: Whatever happened last night? You said you heard someone being attacked. Is everything ok?

Matt and I heard a woman begging and pleading for help around 1am last night….. She was sobbing and crying. Lots of “No no no no, stop stop. Get off. Someone help me. please please please no no” - So we called the police, but we were worried that they wouldn’t get to my place fast enough (and of course, they didn’t) - We grabbed a peppery spray can and Momdog and went out to find her ….We didn’t find her.. 20 minutes later, the police showed up, took my statement, and they couldn’t find her ….. It was mostly just terrifying …. I have no idea what happened to her…

Anyway - I hope that she got away and that Momdog’s barking freaked the guy out - I really don’t know what happened.