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undeadb4darkside asked: First I want to say that you're just absolutely beautiful. I love your thick thighs, amazing curves and beautiful eyes. If I win the auction for a calendar you're getting a check for my max bid. Because I should have bought one when I had a chance. Wish you all the best!

There are a TON of calendars in the Adults Section for .99 … If you are going to go bid on something, go bid on the ones that no one is bidding on … :  ) Maybe you will get a deal! Who knows!

lasman asked: Would you survive if Tumblr was gone tomorrow morning? Wondering, cause for someone who isnt really a sexual person but portrays sex and lust along with art seems like they have the world at their feet would prevail.

Oh yeah - I would be fine if Tumblr died tomorrow. I would just keep on modeling and I would be out in LA somewhere enjoying myself….

The question is… Would YOU Be ok if my Tumblr died tomorrow… Ha. THAT is the question! :  )

mymoose76213 asked: You know thinking about it when you were walking home if the guy did say boobs im very sorry. That kind of thing disgusts me very much. I hate superficial people. You deserve better than to here that. What a dick. You are a amazing person. :) 1in mil

But HEY! Who knows! He could have said, “boots!” … I mean, my boots are pretty badass right now… ha. I am going to stick with “boots” because if he said “boobs” I should have hit him with my purse…  :  )

harold372 asked: What is your idea of a perfect date ?

Little Mermaid in a Lagoon ….. That is the perfect date. Although, I would probably tip the boat over on purpose just to laugh about it.

mymoose76213 asked: Do we get to see the new hair?

In the sunlight (if we have it tomorrow) - Sure…. But not tonight. 

mymoose76213 asked: Mabey its because i listen to a different genre of music but i haven't heard of some of the bands guys list. But im also from a small city in VT. Your only 3yrs younger than me. Did you ever listen to STP or Alice in Chains cool alternative stuff?

That stuff is ancient… I mean, don’t get me wrong…. I respect it. I know all the words because I grew up on it - But I don’t listen to that kind of music at ALL. I love stuff that is happening right now. Bands that are trying hard and making it in a very saturated music industry….

We have a band in Rochester that is doing pretty well for themselves… Joywave is on tour now! They always sell out in Rochester. They have some great music.

mymoose76213 asked: There is something to be said when a lady can walk in boots like that and make them click clak the way they are ment to. Lots of women can't ware them and walk and make them sound the way that are suppose to. I imagine your a pro. :)

No joke - After I got my hair done today, I was walking down the street in my boots and some random guy asked me to marry him … Ha. He said he liked boots …. But looking back? Perhaps it was boobs? I have no idea…. They sound so alike …

ENTIRE Ebay sale is UP!

TONS of stuff starting at .99 ….! Three day SALE! YOU will need to sign into the Adults Only Section, though:

To visit the Adult Only category on eBay:

  1. Click Categories at the top of the eBay home page.

  2. In the Everything Else category, click Adult Only. You may be asked to sign in.

  3. Review the “Terms of Use for the Adult Only” category. If you agree to the terms, click I Agree.
  4. And THEN Plug in my Ebay Link .. Which is:

thedude0156 asked: Did all the calendars sell I can't find them on eBay

They are in the Adults Section. I am posting them right now.

Ebay removed them because Ebay hate NIPPLES….. Oh NOOOO … It is a nipple…. ahhhhhh…. run for your life! Here comes the NIPPLE! 

You can show the ENTIRE boob, but if you slip a nip? It is over… ha

budzlight asked: Any way for me to buy the Blue Body suit picture? I was high bidder on eBay before it disappeared

I am re-posting all the Topless/Nude photos that Ebay deleted RIGHT now. If you sign into Ebay and THEN look at my list… You should be able to see everything. It just needs Age Verification …. 

Anonymous asked: So was the hairstylist good? Post a pic of your new doo.

It looks pretty much the same… but better. My hair was getting really dull and lackluster - The roots had grown in about four inches and I just didn’t like the way that it looked….. So yeah, she fixed those two things.

But I don’t know …. I wanted honey-blond highlights for summertime… I explained to her what I wanted for the summertime and she told me that she understood… but it looks exactly the same color as before…  Nice girl, but for $125… I should have walked away with some rockstyle hair….

This is terrible - But you know who does my hair the absolute BEST in Rochester? This disgusting nasty bigoted racist homophobic religious hairdresser north of the city who constantly says things that make me puke in my mouth over and over again…. I have been there three times now, because she always has openings last minute before I leave for my modeling trips. Every time I leave her salon? My hair looks like a million dollars and I leave with my jaw unhinged by the horrific things that that came out of her mouth….

When it comes to hair, though? She is the best that i have found. And I have been to over 12 different salons since I moved here…

All my work this week paid off… ! - Went from -5% to +1,558% …. NOW! I just have to work on finishing up this Ebay sale tonight!

All my work this week paid off… ! - Went from -5% to +1,558% …. NOW! I just have to work on finishing up this Ebay sale tonight!

Anonymous asked: Are the pics on eBay by photoops being sold by you too? I'm not bidding unless the $$$ goes to you

Unless they are POLAROIDS …. I really would prefer if you don’t purchase them. Those photographers have been ripping me off for years… If you buy them, I absolutely refuse to sign them so don’t ask me.

loudsilence75 asked: Right now I'm grooving to some "Guster" in the sunshine, heard of them? Is there anything you have been dancing to today?

Of course I have heard of Guster… They have been around since I was in high school. I am currently listening to the new Wye Oak album that came out this week… I am not sure it is “dancing” type music … but there are some great tracks on the new album.. :  )

Anonymous asked: Hi Jess, would you date a banker? Regardless of the image, some of us like chickens

I suppose so? If said Banker was interesting … And enjoyed traveling occasionally.