London Andrews

....Musings and bewbs....

callanp1982 asked: So what do u do when someone says they want u and want to be with u but keep pushing u away?

I mean, most people get over that after a certain age …. BUT if they STILL keep pushing you away 1) They think they are bad news 2) They want to test you to see if you will stick around through difficult situations or 3) They are totally nuts and you need to leave them alone ….. 

mjosephj asked: How do you go about finding permanent homes for the fosters?

Friends - So MANY of my friends are Teachers. They have so many cute and amazing children in their classrooms. If I feel GOOD about the kids…. I consider it.

My next choice is Craigslist - Time and effort? - Turns out amazing homes….  I am honest about their personalities. I find homes that fit their needs. My fosters are *never* free because I put about $200 into each one before they are adopted… They go to great homes.

Anonymous asked: Vegetarians kill to eat too. They just kill plants instead of animals.

Plants don’t have Eyeballs, though - That is my OWN line. That is where I draw my own personal line. I don’t care where other people draw it … that is just how my own heart feels about things.

Anonymous asked: Are you still of the opinion that you can only date a vegetarian or vegan?

Yeppers! i cannot be with someone that doesn’t respect the earth or the universe that we live in …. It just isn’t “sexy” to me ….

karldavis311 asked: Can you remain forever single!! Please!! The thought of you taken makes me forever sad:( @metalkutter

It is possible….  I continue to find love in all the wrong places…. So I probably will stay single forever ….! I like the “bad guys” … The “mean guys” the “rough guys” …. I cannot shake it.

cailean2 asked: Do you find men with beards attractive?

YES! I have this silly thing for guys with beards… Not sure if it is Fad or if I just like men that look like Apes …. ? Only time shall tell…

cailean2 asked: Are you in a relationship?

I am single ….

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite "store" (online) to purchase lingerie/underwear? For basic/everyday and for sexy lingerie.

Everything I own comes from Amazon ….

Anonymous asked: Are you afraid of being one of the targets of hackers and that they will release pictures of you naked?? ;)))

Haha - You KNOW it! - It is my WORST FEAR! ….

…. I will say that I do consider it an invasion of Privacy. Imagine your own Mother taking photos of herself naked for no other reason than curiosity … And then having someone hack her phone or computer a few years later and releasing those images online … And you ENTIRE family having to deal with that…! These women must feel SO violated ….!

It isn’t OK - It is basically Internet Rape. You are seeing them without their consent…. It is not *alright* …. I feel for them. Their careers are on the line because of this. Everything that they every worked for. Because someone hacked their technology devices …

meaniemuna asked: What is a foster fail?

As a Foster, I have taken in nearly 100 animals at this point - Mostly cats and kittens, a few dogs and puppies….Fosters are important because …. although everyone believes that there are tons of places for cute animals to “go” …. that is just *not* the case. Every birth of a litter is a death of for another Litter - SPCA and the Humane Society Euthanize daily…  So many people HATE those organizations … But I commend them - I respect them - Someone has to take care of the unwanted population, “We don’t have room - Fix your pets. Save Lives. Stop giving us your unwanted animals.” - I respect them. But I would never give them a pet that was not worth putting down … Ever. In a hundred years. Never.

Sad stuff: Do you ever check out NYC’s Death List? Thirteen tonight…. 

Foster Failure is when you fall in love with one of your Foster (s) - And you LOVE them…  And you feel attached ….. You want to Adopt them. …

If I kept all my Fosters? Would I be helping them and doing them justice? All 100 of them? 

Absolutely Not. 

The Goal is to save a TON of  animals…. (and I have) ….  but NEVER to adopt. I am the buffer. I am the person that learns to love and let go. I love them all VERY much. Adopting them does more harm than it does Good. My home needs to be OPEN so that I can save more lives …..

I cannot Fail with him. I will just have to find him an amazing home very very very very close to my friend’s circle ….

This little guy is messing with my heart… Ha. I want to keep him. But I don’t want a #FosterFail … So freaking cute, though #fosterkitten #rochesterny #southwedge #adoptme