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thetrekkerswe asked: What is sexier, A farmer or a lumberjack? :-)

Can I just choose both?…..  If I *must* choose one, I choose the farmer…. Because farmers are growing things, instead of killing things - Tons of Lumberjacks kill trees - The many logging trucks on the West Coast always make me cry (I get all emotional about the forest and the animals that live there). I imagine them ripping apart Fern Gully and the fairies having no place to live… I imagine the Kodama Spirits crying in the destruction of their home …. I imagine the tree spirits of the forest, pulling up their roots and fighting against the evil Saruman….

Anonymous asked: Given that your first names are also the names of European capitals, do you feel any sense of kinship and/or rivalry with Paris Hilton? And is the stupidest question you've gotten all day?

Stupid question award: YOU … congrats! 

Paris owns hotels and has millions of dollars and she looks like a gorgeous alien from another planet… We really don’t anything in common, really. No sense of kinship. Still unsure if she is human.

beantown1616 asked: Are you coming to the cape? If you would like a tour guide I'd be happy to show you around.

I am headed to the Cape! - I will be getting in tomorrow evening. I think that my family is staying in Eastham this year? 

Wasn’t going to go to the Cape (as you know), but tonight my aunt blew my cell phone up with messages like,.”Your mom is sad… you are upsetting your mother. Everyone wants you here. You should be here” Blah blah blah - And she is right….Staying in Rochester is selfish… I need to stop putting my own anxiety issues before my family….

Anonymous asked: What would be your reaction/thoughts London if someone from the military was to ask you to a formal engagement such as a military ball?

I would consider it… although, I suppose that it depends on who is asking …. :  )

Anonymous asked: You always seem so comfortable with yourself. You seem to just move in whatever current comes your way. Do you regret many things that you've done?

I don’t regret much …. but there are always a handful of things that I wish that I could take back - Almost ALL of the things that I regret … involved indirectly hurting other people (friends, family, strangers…). And I would, without a doubt, take those moments back if possible.

LoveLove this amazing new oil painting by @tilesofcolor ..! Love how he captured how wild and crazy my hair looks - This is such a beautiful piece of work…

LoveLove this amazing new oil painting by @tilesofcolor ..! Love how he captured how wild and crazy my hair looks - This is such a beautiful piece of work…

Had such a great time at #durandeastman today! Warm sand… wonderful friends… good times… #rochesterny #rocny #lakeontario

Had such a great time at #durandeastman today! Warm sand… wonderful friends… good times… #rochesterny #rocny #lakeontario

tazzbx asked: Oo ok cool I really do like the empty buildings sets it's just awesome. Wow and empty amusement park that must of been pretty cool I don't think I have seen those could you upload some if you still have them. PS have a great day

Sadly, I don’t have images from that particular shoot …. :  ( I know. It makes me sad too.

tazzbx asked: Good afternoon just a big fan here love all your sets 1 question I love your photos in the empty buildings do you just randomly find them and take photos right there and then or do you look for them I love you and the background and just makes it all POP

Either the photographer scouts beforehand … Or I would scout beforehand. Some of those abandoned places were just a few blocks down the road from me. When a photographer would contact me about shooting together, but failed to have a studio or a location (which happens more often than you would think) … I would offer up the abandoned house as an option.

The neatest place that I ever shot … was this abandoned amusement park outside of Boston. The photographer had legit paperwork to shoot there…. which took the stress of the police out of the equation. It was a really amazing space.

Anonymous asked: What do you normally eat in one day?

Hmmm….. For breakfast, I either have eggs with goat cheese or I just drink a pot of tea - My usual lunch is from Abundance …. A tofu wrap or some kind of healthy yummy just-made sandwich… with a small bowl of veggie soup. Dinner … is whatever …. Sometimes it is dinner at John’s place and it is a giant salad from the garden. Sometimes he makes french fries with mushroom gravy and cheese on top. Sometimes I go out alone and just get a veggie burrito from Sol. Or Matt and I will order a pizza together. Or I will eat half a thing of hummus and carrots for dinner… who knows….

That is my basic day of Food…. 

Anonymous asked: how do you distinguish between someone who is genuinely kind and interested in you as a person and someone who just wants to sleep with you?

For me … it is easy to distinguish because I have been modeling for so long - My second-nature is reading other people’s body language…

But you can also tell by the way that someone is staring at you - Are they looking at your like you are sex-meat? Or are they looking at with intrigue? It is in the words that they use … It is in the way that they hold themselves …