London Andrews

....Musings and bewbs....

Anonymous asked: Thanks for spending a lot of time with us on here tonight. You are very much so appreciated here. There's always the few but forget them. Your amazing. Thank you.

Thanks! I am just about wrapping up - I need to finish just a *few* more emails and I am going to head outside to go sit next to the campfire with Matthew …. We have a few people over. I am being incredibly anti-social by playing on my Macbook. I haven’t seen some of these people in weeks ….

Went to see this band play BUGJAR on Sunday (how the hell Bugjar got a BAND like THIS to play … blows my human mind …) - But the Broods are destined for bigger and better things…. Go check them out! Go see them if they come through your town … The lead singer’s voice is brilliant on stage…

bigbear550 asked: I'm having a very hard time picking my favorite picture of you lol I love them all PS it would be awesome to meet you when you come to NYC, I think I sent you this on fan mail by mistake lol

I WILL be having a MEET UP in NYC (how cool is that?) - I am still working out details but I will have them in another week or two. You should definitely come out! Would love to meet some of you New Yorkers!

Anonymous asked: Having raised & worked Catahoula's in AZ for many years it really surprises' me to see one in NY state. She's a really nice looking dog. Must be some good blood lines there. And on another subject you are an awesomely beautiful woman!!!!

Momdog was actually adopted from TX - She wasn’t born in NY state. You honestly don’t see many Catahoulas up here in NY state …. There are TWO in the Southwedge area but I very rarely see them …

Catahoulas are gorgeous animals … Momdog is a gorgeous animal. Her dainty white feet and her broad chest and her expressive eyes …. She takes the best photos.

This song… on repeat ….. forever

Anonymous asked: So I know youre not into girls...but what about cuddling with girls...ya know, just for the sake of cuddling?? BTW I think your boobs are perfect! :-)

I really don’t like to be touched unless it is on my own terms - But yeah, I totally cuddle with female friends and male friends that I enjoy…. It just has to be my own decision and on my own terms … Cuddling with my closest girlfriends is always a rare and lovely thing…

smoke-and-iron asked: I'm sorry what? You went on that date in Texas I think it was and then he had the payment reversed? WTF???

In JUNE, I raised almost $5,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project via a Charity Date Auction (I donated 50% of the proceeds and the rest went towards having a high quality canvas produced, a last minute flight to AZ, rental car for a week, losing a week’s worth of work to fly out of NY state) - Flew to Tucson AZ, went on an eight hour date (which was a bit of a mess … dog barfed in car, went hiking and lost the trail, my purse was stolen with my rental car keys …) - Gave him a less stressful *second* date a few days later, over dinner at the CheeseCake Factory and it was quite nice and enjoyable - I paid for dinner and all was fine and Dandy … I *thought* we left on good terms…..

But yeah - Six weeks later, he tried to reverse the payment. I got a notice from Ebay that the Buyer was claiming that the item was “Not as Described” and he wanted his money back. I was just FLOORED. $2,500 of that money went towards Charity that I could NOT get back. The other half went towards travel and flights and bills…. I was SO upset. Kept worrying that Ebay would reverse the Payment and I would owe $5,000 (which would take me months to pay off….)

Anyways - The stress of that situation really resonated with me - It was more trouble and more stress than it was worth…. won’t be doing it again.