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mymoose76213 asked: So who is the lucky cute boy

I have been attempting to date for months now… but I just haven’t been “into” it - For awhile there, I felt like a “Dating Robot” - I was going on dates because I was *supposed* to be going on dates BUT I didn’t WANT to be going on those dates…..I was just getting so much pressure from my friends and people online and even my Mom chatted with me about it…… “It is time to move on…” blah blah blah “Dating is good for you” blah blah blah … 

In these last few weeks - Something has changed, though…. Something inside ME has changed. Perhaps it is some sort of acceptance that my life needs to move on? Or Perhaps it is a biological thing? - Spring has sprung and my sex drive has been thrown into gear? I don’t know….

Anyways - I am chatting with two different guys right now. Both of them are fantastically intriguing … I have no idea where things may lead … I am just sort of having fun right now.

purpleluv76 asked: I asked you a few days back who does your make up. And I love that you do your own make up. I love make up. I love doing my make up. And I am like you I'm really good at doing my make up. What kind of make up do you use?? What's your favorite??

I use all different kinds but I prefer Make-Up-Forever brand …. But I also use NARS, LimeCrime, Dermablend, Sephora, Urban Decay … I have a very LARGE makeup case, although I only tend to use a few items…

Forever and always I use:

Dermablend foundation, Dermablend Photo Finish Powder, Urban Decay Brown for my brows, a shimmery NARS gold with NARS black shadow around my eyes, Dior Black Out Mascara, and a LimeCrime Lips (either gloss or Red velvet … Sometimes I use a liquid black liner if I am using fake eyelashes… because it helps them blend in a bit more… 

dontheold asked: I haven't been able to say anything all day so I thought I would say "Hi... How are you doing today London?"

Great! Grand Jury duty got out early today (It is amazing how many friends I am making… all different ages too… We are thinking about renting a bus and going to the casino at the end of Term… not that I like casinos, but I like my new friends, so I might go….) - I just ordered some takeout -Grilled General Taos Tofu with Chinese Mushrooms… mmm.. 

Matthew is gone for the evening… I WAS considered inviting a cute boy over (which would have been a first….). BUT alas, Matthew took my phone charger to Syracuse with him. Since I have no idea what his telephone number is…. I will have to spend the evening alone - Oh well - I need to catch up with Game of Thrones tonight…. I am two seasons behind.

thewitchfindergeneral asked: It was probably the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of I didn't even know people did that stuff let alone fucking got off to it I thought my fetish was some what strange that shit is the most fucked up thing I have ever heard do you know the more shitty thing they didn't have any clips of that crazy shit thank god but the had the AUDACITY to show the strange sex clip in which the girl Stephanie was working with Gary I have a movie with her in it which I may delete

Was she in Gary’s movies….? I bet he is quite upset about that. Gary is one of those guys that always wants his Giantess work to be by-the-book, tasteful and wholesome (hence the reason he has steered away from nudity for so long…) - I love Gary…. I hope he makes it to FetCon this year…

lover-of-london asked: Vikings tonite! But scandal is on, too! Arghhhh!

Everyone on Jury Duty loves to talk about Scandal …. It sounds absolutely Scandalous! ….

Since I am home alone tonight and it is COLD outside - I might buy a bottle of wine and catch up on some of my favorite shows. I am SO excited about Vikings (we are getting towards the end of the season, right?) - I also need to catch up on Game of Thrones … And Grimm (Grimm is so cheesy but I am terribly addicted…)

Anonymous asked: You are perfect in every way. I just looked at every picture on your Facebook fan page. And am now going through your tumblr. Just wanted to let you know. Perfect. Don't be scared. I'm very normal. Just LOVE curves. Especially on a brunette.

Happy that you made your way over from Facebook! My goal is to bring more people to this website… I really prefer Tumblr. It is the best place to hangout… :  )

thewitchfindergeneral asked: do you know who Stephanie Hird is

I know - I read about the two ‘models’ that are being charged with Animal Cruelty in Florida - But Personally? No. I don’t either of them …. I think the guy that filmed the fetish videos should go to jail …. Sounds like they aren’t going after the producer, though - They are going after the two girls.

And to some extent? I suppose going after the models is justified, though… the girls kicked, burnt, shot helpless bunnies and small animals and masturbated over their lifeless bodies… Totally insane. Who agrees to do that kind of thing for money? I am not sure that jail time is the answer, but those two girls need some heavy heavy counseling… Oooh And maybe some heavy electric shock? Or perhaps a nice long lobotomy?

… People who abuse animals… are pretty much on my lowest of lows - I have no remorse for them.