London Andrews

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Anonymous asked: How long were you and Kurt together, and how long has it been since you left? I can't believe anyone would cheat on you, you are stunning and smart and amazing (on internets anyways, I would love to meet you in person)

We were together for two years - I kicked him out ten months ago…. 

Anonymous asked: Are you still dating, just not anyone consistently? Is there anyone that you have felt good with?

Still dating …. I was consistently hooking up with a good friend for a few months and decided that it wasn’t a good idea. Great person, wonderful in bed, but too many problems to handle …  Eventually, he will probably end up in jail or dead or something….. I cut him off, deleted his number, and stopped seeing him in early July…

Still dating random people here and there. Lots of good times and decent conversation but no one seems to spark my interest beyond a few dates - They all carry a sort of “sameness” …. if that makes sense? The MORE I date? The more everyone just seems the “same” … It isn’t them, it is very obviously me. I am not connecting properly. I am distant and I am making myself unavailable emotionally - I listen and I play the talking-game because I am supposed to, but I really don’t care how the date goes… I never do. Matt says that I am setting myself up for failure because that is what I want. And perhaps I am. I have no idea.

Red-bearded pirate … 

Red-bearded pirate … 

Anonymous asked: What did Kurt look like?

He looked like a handsome red-bearded pirate that raided ships for a living… 

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to chime in on the anonymous ask. I am too lazy to sign up for tumblr. I just keep an open tab to your page on my phone. I have joined enough pages over the years and don't want to sign up for another. For the record I show my wife most of your work and she is also a fan. She thinks it is cute that my favorite celebrity is built like her. As always, thank you for what you do.

See! This is lovely …. I am all for lazy people that dislike signing up for yet-another-website! - I don’t like signing in either…. ! Cheers to you and wife. Love couples that enjoy sharing photos of me. I think it is the cutest.

ourspacebetween asked: You're simply stunning, and have this warm and charismatic personality. I just wanted to thank you for being such a genuine beauty.

Feel like this week is a dark week for Tumblr ….. I should probably start chatting about chickens and Momdog soon.

Anonymous asked: At least us sorry bastards dont cheat on our boyfriends first then complain when they do the same thing

Unless you are talking about your own situation? - I never cheated on Kurt…. I modeled naked for photographers. And I was naked on the internet, yes - But I never cheated on him … He was my entire world - We had plans to get a house in the country and raise goats together and have cute little adopted babies together (we even *named* them) ….. I lived for that dream….. In what world, would I throw that away to sleep with someone? That would be insane.